Automotive Fixed Operations Training

My name is Jeff Blaney. I’ve been a technician, service advisor, manager, director, consultant and now business owner. At every level I have obtained results fast, which enabled me to move up very quickly in my automotive career. I now spend my time training service departments all around the country how to get the same results. Here’s a message I hope you share with your service advisors about first impressions. I look forward to speaking with you soon! - Jeff

We offer several different paths to help you reach your goals:

  • “As needed” - We partner with you and your team, identify areas of opportunity, plan and implement strategies for improvement and create systems for accountability and tracking of results.

  • “Manager Training” - One-on-one training for your service manager. This option is great for both newly promoted service managers and seasoned managers.

  • “Virtual Training” - Full 24-hour access to online advisor and manager training programs.

  • “Full Service” - With this option, we will comprehensively examine your fixed operations and formulate an action plan. Then we will walk your team through all of the steps and ensure the action plan is being implemented. This service includes the following:


Financial review

Comprehensive financial review of your service department. Financial statement, warranty schedules, repair orders, maintenance menus, pay plans, etc. will all be reviewed to allow us to fully understand your operation.


Team interviews

A fundamental step in the process is speaking with all employees and allowing them to be part of the process. All interviews are confidential, and we use the data only in bulk form. This has been found to be the most accurate way to gain information from employees.

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create the plan

Once the research, interviews and observations are completed we will formulate a comprehensive plan to move forward. Once the plan is agreed upon and a follow up schedule has been set, we will help guide you and your team through the changes and schedule additional visits monthly, quarterly or as needed.

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Virtual Training

Continuous training is essential for a high performing team. Our virtual training platform delivers courses for both managers and advisors. The content is frequently updated and courses added on a regular basis.

What kind of results are possible?

Results depend on many factors. The main determining factors are how well you are doing currently and how well you can lead through change. We can help you through this process, however, the level of result is dependent on you and your team. Below is a real example of a groups results after launching.

Customer Pay Labor Increase Year Over Year

* 6 month average YOY increase prior to launching program was $3,082 per month. The 6 months after launch had an average increase of $55,489 per month!

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